Saturday School is proud to announce its new course – Legal and Business Negotiations! Negotiations are a core of day to day situations. Knowledge of how to manage and resolve conflicts is essential for having productive work and family life. Effective business negotiation skill is strictly connected with leadership and management. You will need it in your future career – whether you are a lawyer acting on behalf of your client, a student trying to get your dream job or an entrepreneur dealing with your issued invoices and contractors.

If you want to learn how to negotiate in English– especially with overconfident, competitive people, this course is addressed to you! We will teach you the dealmaking process, which includes a wide range of activities aiming to bring the parties together- both at the bargaining table and away from it. You will learn how to create value in the negotiation, establish a powerful BATNA, use empathy effectively, delineate zone of possible agreement- and many other skills desired to reach an integrative bargaining outcome rather than a distributive one.

Skilled negotiators manage the process of negotiation and their expectations prior to and during negotiations. Only a few people are able to do this instinctively. Perfect your negotiation and leadership skills with us during real-life scenario workshops and learn how to negotiate in a variety of cases, from negotiating salary, terms of your tenancy agreement, profitable lease conditions to sale of a real estate property.

Enrollment is now open – more information on program and formalities in KURSY- Legal and Business Negotiations section. The course is designed and conducted by Agnieszka Regiec – see ZESPÓŁ section.

There are only 8 places for this course, so don`t hesitate and negotiate with us your involvement today!