Legal and Business Negotiations

Legal and Business Negotiation course is designed to learn how to negotiate, deal with hard bargainers, manage conflicts and ultimately – how to reach a settlement. The course examines both theoretical and practical side of negotiations, referring to real-world situations, and allows to develop and practice various negotiation techniques. The course is based on workshops and sets of practical exercises i.e. negotiating hypothetical scenarios. It aims at improving English professional working proficiency.

The course is held entirely in English. It is addressed to practicing lawyers and businessmen as well as to law and economics adepts and international students who want to improve their negotiation skills. This course is for you if you want to learn how to draft an agenda of a negotiation meeting, if you want to distinguish informal understanding from a final settlement. You will discover strategies for anticipating and responding to various scenarios in some real life settings- based on multi-party negotiation, cross-cultural differences and gender inequality. You will learn how to prepare and represent a client in a legal negotiation or how to negotiate a satisfying agreement for your own company.

Goals of the course:

  • Understand key negotiation concepts and negotiation terminology (BATNA, ZOPA, nibbling, leverage, etc.)
  • Resolve impossible disputes
  • Evaluate personal style of negotiation (manage your strengths and weaknesses)
  • Learn negotiating strategies
  • Improve working relationships
  • Discover how to manage the tension between negotiators and how to break it
  • Recognize the most common manipulative negotiation tactics
  • Achieve better outcomes by preparing all stages of negotiation (gathering information, information exchange, setting, host/guest, deadlines, number of negotiators, confidentiality)
  • Learn how to negotiate in different environments
  • Negotiate with counterparts coming from different cultural backgrounds or simply coming from a different country

Lecturer: Agnieszka Regiec

Enrollment: via e-mail, phone or facebook. More info at Contact

Cost: PLN 900 (students: PLN 800)

Classes: approximately 12 meetings, 1.5-2 hour per week (depending on the number of students)

Place: classrooms at Wyższa Szkoła Prawa im. Heleny Chodkowskiej (nearby Hala Targowa - Wyspa Piasek)

Time: meetings take place once per week, during the previously established hours (around 5-8pm)

What is recommended English Proficiency level for this course?
Because the course is being held entirely in English, if you want to fully enjoy it, B2 level of English should be sufficient. If you think your fluency in English is not good enough, come and join us during the first classes!

Does the course end with an exam?
Last classes will be dedicated to the practical negotiation exam based on a hypothetical scenario.

What are possible payment methods?
You will not need to pay anything in advance, you can pay in installments, we issue invoices.

Does finishing the course provide learning points for legal counsels?
Yes, legal counsels get 1,5 points for each 1,5 hour of the Legal and Business Negotiation Course in accordance with § 6 (1)(1) and § 6(3) of the Regulation attached to the Resolution of the KRRP no. 103/IX/2015, dated December 11th, 2015 r. Completing the entire course allows to fulfil the requirement of professional self-development in a 3-year period.